Heidi and Greg Preslicka began HG Game Worx in October of 2014 when they decided to market and license or sell a game that Greg had made for their son, Evan for Christmas in 2004. Greg pulled several other game ideas out of his head and they became a business.

Heidi and Greg have created multiple business ventures tapping into Greg's talents. They have been business partners since 1992 when they began their graphic design firm. www.preslickastudio.com Greg creates logos, packages, point of sale materials, flyers and corporate materials for many companies such as: General Mills, IDQ, Hormel. Heidi manages client contact, bookkeeping, billing, and office management. In 2008 they expanded their business to do large scale murals in libraries, schools, YMCA, day cares, and museums. www.thebigpicturemurals.net Greg creates large scale wall murals that are custom designed. His murals transform the spaces he paints in. Heidi does marketing, sales, project management, bookkeeping, and billing. Greg also does plein air painting. You can see some of his work at www.preslickastudio.com/fineart

Great visual appeal with an interesting skill play to it.

We really appreciate the time with Alien Acrobats and look forward to seeing more cool games from you in the future! ~
Spin Master

Players loved the theme. They thought the aliens were cute and loved the color scheme. Everyone complimented how nice the packaging and prototype looked. It is evident that your husband is a talented designer! The game play was easy to learn and very straightforward. It is familiar enough that players could pick up quickly, yet unique enough that is was interesting. The visual, when lots of aliens are branching off of the tree, was spectacular. Players could not believe how far out they could build. ~ Winning Moves Games


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