Plein Air Painting


Many years ago, thinking that I wanted to paint wildlife, I decided to get out of my studio to learn from nature. Although I didn't know it at the time I was becoming a "plein air" painter. I enjoyed the challenge of painting the fleeting light. In the design and illustration business everything is deadlines. Being able to quickly capture and communicate an idea is essential same is true for plein air painting. When my kids were young I didn't have a lot of time to squeeze in for painting. When I had a little time I would head outside for a quick painting. Now that my kids are older I have more time and am able to paint more in the studio.


Design and Illustration


I started my career in the commercial side of art. After graduating form the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul Mn. I worked as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. I started at a time when the industry was changing to a digital computer based industry. I embraced it head on being one of the first digital illustrators in the Twin Cities. Over the twenty-some years drawing, painting and printmaking became th hands on balance to sitting behind a computer all day.




As another way to get out from behind a computer I started doing murals. This started as a whim after painting the bedrooms of my kids. Heidi and I thought that other people might like to have paintings on their children's walls. The business quickly evolved from residential work to larger commercial and public works. Today I have been commissioned to do over 50 murals for libraries, schools and YMCAs. I love painting large now, but if you would have told me, twenty years ago, that I would be painting 20'x80' murals I would have said you were crazy. Much of my studio work is of sizes 2'x3' or larger.




When I was in high school I was asked to do illustrations for a cookbook. They were to be printed in black and white and needed to be line work. That started me on the road to working with pen and ink. I love being able to express shape and values with just lines. As a designer I was most often working on projects that are printed. Several years ago I bought a small etching press. Printing is a great way for me to connect to my industries roots. I started doing etchings and have most recently been doing copperplate engravings.



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